Thursday, November 17, 2011

I don't even know where to start today... Looking at the ridiculous state of our country and world, I'm surprised nothing snapped today. There were a few signs of breaking....

Russia threatened Nuclear War... again...
This is pretty much what they said

"Because so many Eastern European nations are turning to NATO and our defense budget is so small, we can't afford to send conventional troops in... we will just have to Nuke them"

WTF, Russia?
I thought we were cool... Somehow, I think Russia is all ready for a new Cold War! It sure will be cold during that nuclear winter...

We have bigger problems here in the US. Someone is trying to assassinate the president (when he's in Asia)....or his staff. 

oops... The Onion is a harsh mistress of comedy...

Armed with his assault rifle this man shot at the Presidential residence. One has to think that A. He's just an idiot B. He's a crazy idiot or C. Something is not quite right with this whole situation. I suppose a crackdown on assassin

Those crazy Occupiers are at it again!

Today was their "Day of Action!" They managed to thwart some business people checking their Linkedin accounts before work, and even stopped school children from being on time. I mean, I guess you get a cool excuse for not having your homework.... It has been Occupied...

But seriously, there has got to be a group of people inside the financial sector that is like...

"You know what? Screw it! Let it fall!"

While the other trader next to him is just like "But Bill, I got money in this thing."
"So do I. We can just ask for more from the government. They love business!"

Boom. Suck it, Corporations. Called  your money market bluff. Honestly though, it is sickening to hear of the bailouts.

This is something both Conservatives and Liberals have in common: Everyone hated the bailout, but we all forget to see the actual necessity of it. Lets rewind the clock back for a quick moment...

2007, the world falls apart. Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers have just sold their last mortgage backed security, and are on death's door.
Bush and Paulson decide "my god... this the next Great Depression!"

They're response. While millions of Americans are losing their jobs and folks are getting foreclosed on, they bail out the largest businesses and financial offices, price tag? They say 700 billion, but is that really the cost? On my previous post I had a bit about Ron Paul and Bernie Sander's audit of the Fed, showing that the amount of the bailout on the Fed's end was ASTRONOMICALLY HIGHER than the measily price tag previously stated.

What was created? Any guesses?

If you said "Moral Hazard" you would be correct.
For everyone that swears up and down that Capitalism is the best economic system on the block, I point to two years: 1929 and 2008. Explain. Explain to me o wise masters of Capitalism how such a remarkable system of free markets and easy flowing goods and services can crash at such a rate that would make a DUI look like bumping into that hot chick at work.

On top of that, those that profited off of the system for so long reaped the benefits of the bailout.

Seriously? Seriously. Has anyone actually sat down and thought about in the most rational way? There had to be a better way.

Thanks Sal Khan.. I knew all hedge fund guys weren't bad.

Too bad that none of it matters now. Like all parts of history, Europe has to screw it up for everyone. You know, I kinda feel bad for Germany too. They are kind of like a landlord who owes a 100,000 dollars on the apartment building full of dead beats. You got the guy next door always baking you treats and telling you what to do with all the other patrons,  the dirty guy who is desperately following his dreams as a professional tango master/bullfighter, that quiet guy at the end of the hall who the landlord can never find except when he needs a couple more days and he'll be good for it, and so many more characters! The guy who lives on the top floor who doesn't pay his taxes but lost all his money in a real estate deal, and the roommates downstairs that are either insulting you or lighting a flaming bag of dog poop on your landing. None of them pay rent, and they all are starting to get on your nerves. I guess you do have those guys who live on the east side of the building, not to many problems with them...but they all just came from your ex-wife's building after your cousin got into a domestic dispute with her before they cheated on you with the last time you wanted to "Share ownership."
This is not how society meant for us to be.

Next time on the Idea Forum, we are going to discuss Scott Walker. should be fun!

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