Monday, January 23, 2012

Education Policy

I expect to update this thing at least every Monday. I just a bunch of new time on Monday night. Score.
Well, it has been quite a journey in the month of January. Iowa was won by Romney... I'm sorry... what?
Wait... what? Rick Santorum won? Gay Bashing, Same Sex Marriage hating, Evangelical stooge Rick Santourm won what might be the most hyped political event since "Climate-gate."

And by the way? What's up with any scandal post 1972 has to end in "gate?" I would think the Watergate hotel would sue.

Anyway, as January moved on and people forgot once again that Iowa is a state, the place where they pick presidents decides their golden boy. That man was Mitt. Mitt won gloriusly throughout the plurality of little moderate New Hampshire. Though most in the Republican Camp knew this, many would go on to argue that Mitt's new tactics we're unethical and overbearing. Mitt is just one very rich man, though. How can he have enough time and energy to pump out the attacks?

Drat, Mitt! You and your Super PACS! How can small time guys like Newt Gingrich get a foothold? Poor Newt...


Well, maybe it's time we just.. you know... let South Carolina succeed.

And what about Ron Paul? Well... after a 3rd place finish in Iowa, a 2nd place in New Hampshire, and a 4th in South Carolina, the Libertarian Carrion (patent pending) is going to have a tough time going on towards Florida. Though Paul might be the most trustworthy and honest of his brethren, he also isn't what the "business as usual" politicians want.

Sadly, I don't think freedom can take another beating.