Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Greatest. Project. Ever.

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Let me tell you why.

With so much bloodshed and pain in the world, it is so hard to focus on the good things. They are hidden like gems across landscapes of suffering.

There is so much in the news about war and violence. There is so much in our minds about conflict and hatred. When we talk about politics, we talk about adversaries and enemies. When we speak of our fellow man, we demean and insult. Sometimes there feels like humanity has lost it's very soul.

Then there is this video. Eric Whitacre is an excellent conductor and composer. However, nothing could ever prepare me for this video when I first saw it.
It was here.

This is TED. It is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design. They are a non-profit company all about created events for individuals to share their ideas.

When I first saw this video I cried. Not for a minute, not for an hour, but for days. I cried tears of sorrow and joy. I had never heard anything more beautiful in my life. Over two thousand voices all around the world all in their own parts singing for one purpose: Acceptance and Happiness.

I thought: This is everything good about humanity in one short video. It combines our tenacity to explore, our need to connect, our want to create, and our desire to share. It is technology and nature combined in one single video that reminds me:

No matter how much things may go wrong or how many may die in conflict, there is always something that connects all of us. Whether it be voices in a chorus or comment in a blog, we all feel similar emotions and want to be loved.

I want the world to be a better place, and I want to use technology to do it. Moreover, I want to inspire those who have no hope with my actions and this video. Because if so many people from around the world can come together and make something this beautiful, I can only hope that the entire world can take it as an example of how we should let people live: Free and singing. 

I hope you like it as much as I did. I guess in the grand scheme of things it is just one youtube video. In my mind, it is the ray of hope shining it's light on humanity. It is an inspiration for my teaching and an inspiration for myself.