Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Normal Order

So here it is folks. They cleared'em. This reminds of another instance that happened... not so long ago...

In the land of snow, beer, and cheese rests the heart of some unconventional patriots. These men and women love their country, that's for sure.

This is not the first time these feisty Wisconsinites have been the start of movements in this country. The famous protest of Dow Chemicals on the UW-Madison Campus was the powder keg for American resistance of Vietnam War. The BBC has a really good special about it, actually...

So what do we do about this "American Problem" we have created? It's not only in Wisconsin, but recently in California there have been some outrageous protests? Of course, us Americans don't have to worry about being Europeans. It appears that they are in a worse situation...
I swear that clip has it. Blasted Youtube... anyway...

There is this Europe thing. Which actually, will not only infect us, but most of the world that does business with Europe will feel it. Though I guess you could be like Russia and find an out.
Someone I can trade with...but no one else wants to.

Enter Iran.

Now this isn't the first time iran has done some crazy shit. But are we really afraid the nation of Iran is going to launch nuclear missiles against any nation? That would be disastrous for a small country of Iran. I think we need to worry about the security of these weapons. Then again... they are trading with Russia... our sworn enemies until we beat them, and then was like "oh ok, we're cool now, right?" Somehow, I don't think Russia was just cool with it. I think they went home, and started writing Wiley Coyote plans to destroy us.

Too bad they're scientists invented that shrink pipe. Vodka must inhibit the growth process.But seriously, look at this awesome idea. Too bad it was implemented by Russia.

 It was a good idea at least. Space technology and exploration should be given more money. Somehow space tourism isn't going to be the final frontier of space... Then again....if they're trading with Iran...


Well they certainly aren't the Chinese! Now talk about a successful Communist country! Suck it, Russia! Except that China is...well... not communist. China, if not totally succumbed by the impending Russo-Iran nuclear strike, is not going to fare well if the Eurozone collapses, that is if it doesn;t collapse during the nuclear holocaust. The only country left would be Switzerland, and they wouldn't be caught dead in the Eurozone.

Euro demand for Chinese goods is high, and the impact of Europe on the US will cause a double retraction in exports. If there is no demand, the supply side will shrink and prices will rise. Workers will be laid off. The consequences of a European collapse, which is imminent, would be dire.

Still, here in the United States, small flames of resistance are causing stirs. So much stir in fact, they get kicked out. Of course it is important to return to normal order. Get on with our daily lives. Do something other than drum circle all day. These flames however, are echoed across the world. Citizens in everyone of these countries have been speaking out against some of the unethical actions of other individual. Occupy Wall Street didn't even start on Wall Street! They we're the echoes of protests Spain, Chile, China, India, Iran, and of course the millions and millions of protesters and citizens who craved the basic rights every person deserves all over the Middle East. There is a serious problem in our world, and a serious problem the world does it's business.

So Occupy protesters. Clean up your mess! Part of the reason people were kicked out was because conditions were getting poor! People don't like dirty parks. Or broken bathrooms, or disrespect for their products. Go back to that park, but for God's sake, Leave No Trace. I'll let you borrow my Boy Scout handbook.

Still... it brings me back Wisconsin. A place where fierce political competition can be set aside for sports.

A little snit bit of the Wisconsin Legislature starting their day off right, with prayer and Packers! The opening prayer by Kabeer Abaja Biamila and the speech by Harry Sydney were just some of the flair of this bipartisan day in the Wisconsin Assembly. I will assure you, I will not be hiring Abja Biamila to be the minister at my wedding. And Harry Sydney... a 49er traitor. He can go back to California and their "unions" AND their debt. We in Wisconsin can solve our debt problem! Except we haven't. and now the feds won't give us our Medicaid money... cheap bastards.
But still, the 49ers suck! They are the Green and Gold's most hated rival... after the Cowboys, the Vikings, and... oh what's the third...


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