Sunday, November 13, 2011

The beginning of the end.

Well, here I am again. I swore that after high school I would quit blogging! I thouught: I no longer need a place to write all my emo high school junk that no one would read."

I thought wrong...

More importantly, it has become larger than high school. There is a crisis on our hands, folks. a crisis that we don't know how to fix.

Here in the self titled "Idea Forum" I will be posting and discussing all these interesting things I find or thoughts I have, and I want you, the blogee (the person who reads the blog) to give feedback or propose your own idea! Simple, yes?

Not really, no. The problem? I will probably post things that someone may disagree.

Please do so. And do so respectfully. I will do my best to respectfully answer. Consider also the need for joking. I will constantly joke around with my posts and a lot of times might say something very harsh that is misplaced. It's probably a joke. I'll give some 3 examples.

1. Herman Cain has now retreated in idiocy with his recent appearances involving his sexual harassment scandal. Whether or not the issues have been settled, I surely do not want a man who announces himself in the third person. It also reminds Joe Nowinski of another candidate who has a similar mannerism. Bob Dole doesn't think making fun Bob Dole is funny!

2. Mitt Romney, like it or not, is the Mormon Terminator. He's every other Protestant's worst nightmare. His marvelous flip-flopping is nothing compared to that time he pulled off his skin and declared "corporations are people, my friend. And Robots made by Corporations are as well." The scary thing is that I've seen a youtube video of Jon Huntsman get his head blown off by a shotgun, and it just reformed. The Chinese can make anything...

Now what's the third...


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